Make your supermarket responsible for the environment

Measure the environmental impact of your supermarket, connect suppliers and find new customers

Walking together towards decarbonisation

We help you measure the environmental impact of your supermarket in real-time and in just one click.

Check your electricity, water and garbage consumption from your computer and in real-time, we will help you improve them, and you will no longer need all analyzes to fix it.

We help you to contact new suppliers of environmentally responsible products.

Forget about connecting your providers one by one. Our database will contact you with environmentally friendly suppliers in just one click and from anywhere.

We help buyers find you.

In our map of environmentally friendly supermarkets, we show everyone the improvements you are making in your supermarket to help the environment. New buyers will be able to find you and know that you sell products of responsible production.

We are with you and your retail business on the path to decarbonization.



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